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Article: Buy glasses online: how to choose the size?

Guia de tamanhos

Buy glasses online: how to choose the size?

Online shopping is a great ally these days, especially on busy days. With half a dozen clicks we managed to avoid traffic, payment queues and unnecessary rushes.

Follow our tips and your ideal pair of glasses is just a click away!

How to read glasses measurements?

measurement guide

How do I know what size to use?

size guide

The overall size of the glasses is also influenced by the size of the bridge and the shape of the eyepiece. For greater precision, the ideal is to take your measurements and compare them with those available on the product page.

Do you have old glasses? They can help!

As a rule, glasses have the size written on the inside of the temples.
If you have a pair of glasses that you feel comfortable with, please refer to the sizing for reference in future purchases.

Measurements on the stem


If you have any questions about choosing the size of your ideal glasses, contact us via chat or email ( ). We have at your disposal a team of highly qualified professionals ready to help you!

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