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Company History

In 1964, the Jorge Oculista group began its activity, in the hands of Jorge Fonseca, in the small city of Santo Tirso. Always with a vision for the future, our founder always sought to respond to the needs of customers, providing them with personalized and refined service, which distinguishes us to this day in the market.

Proudly a family business, the group counts on the direct collaboration of the founder's daughters: Andreia Fonseca, graduated in Optometry - UPOOP and Daniela Fonseca, Graduated in Business Management, from the Catholic University of Porto.

We currently have more than 60 experienced and qualified workers, distributed across 20 commercial spaces, who respond to the needs of our customers, with a high degree of excellence. 


Telling the story of the Jorge Oculista group is telling the story of Jorge, who at just 15 years old started working in the optics field, at Rocha Oculista, located in downtown Porto. Driven by his family, he performed various tasks in the field: From working in the workshop, to becoming an eye technician. As he grew, he collaborated with other leading companies in Greater Porto and established himself as an exemplary and respected professional.

He later obtained training as an Eye Technician , taught by the École National d'Arts et Métiers , in Paris.

With a strategic vision and focused on the business, Jorge was always outlining his personal goals. With a sacrificial and entrepreneurial spirit, he began to manually produce his own frames, in order to create his own business, his current brand.

At the age of 25, he opened his first store, in Santo Tirso. With a lot of work, dedication and effort, it achieved a prominent position in the market, which enabled the expansion of the company, which currently has a strong position in the North region.

Today, with 20 physical stores and an online store, Jorge Oculista follows the same values ​​and continues to work actively to always be a reference of excellence in the sector.

Mission, vision and values

Mission: Providing a high quality commercial offer, targeted to our client's desires, is our main focus. In this way, we focus on continually achieving the highest quality standards within our offer, both in terms of products and quality control of our various services.

Vision: The rigor and experience with which we are accustomed to serving our customers allows us to offer a unique service. We combine experience, with innovation and refinement, to offer our customers a unique experience, whenever they visit us. We want to serve our customers in the field of Ocular Optics, through the increase of certain technical-scientific skills that favor obtaining the best and most appropriate solution, for each particular case.


  • Trust
  • Solidity
  • Innovation
  • Authenticity

Social responsability

We seek to be a socially responsible company. In this way, we intend to have great involvement in local communities, contributing to their development, through different types of intervention. We seek to participate and collaborate with local initiatives, in different areas, in order to contribute positively to the communities where we are present.

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