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Article: 5 tips for a positive return to routine!

5 tips for a positive return to routine!

See the return with good eyes

There may be no break more desired than a vacation.

In a daily life that is increasingly demanding, holidays are an opportunity to stop and recharge your batteries.
Unfortunately, for a large percentage of the population, the post-holiday period is experienced with great anxiety.

At Jorge Oculista, we believe that it is possible to welcome the return. Therefore, we leave you 5 pieces of advice that can alleviate the negative feeling on your return:

  1. Avoid having the last day of your vacation the day before you return to work.

  2. On the first day of work, get up earlier than usual so you can organize everything in time, have breakfast calmly and not have to rush.

  3. You don’t want to resolve all outstanding issues on the first day – you run the risk of becoming anxious, frustrated and tired.

  4. Don’t just return to work – resume activities that give you pleasure, such as playing sports, for example.

  5. Extend the holiday spirit by organizing a dinner with friends, plan a weekend away from home and take a holiday souvenir to work – a photo or object that will help you generate positive emotions.

In short, feed positive emotions and see this moment as an opportunity to better organize your daily life and encourage a lighter life!

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