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How to interpret your prescription

Here are some common abbreviations used by your ophthalmologist:

  • RE: Right Eye
  • LE: Left Eye
  • BR: Both Eyes
  • ADD: Addition
  • SFR: Sphere
  • CYL: Cylinder
  • FV: Far View
  • CV: Close View
  • VA: Visual Acuity
  • IV: Intermediate Vision

Meaning of Values: The values ​​indicated in your recipe are expressed in quarters of diopters and have specific meanings:

  • Far Vision: Values ​​preceded by a + sign indicate hyperopia , while those preceded by a - sign indicate myopia . Values ​​in parentheses refer to astigmatism , with the following value indicating the axis of astigmatism.

  • Near Vision: Presbyopia , or tired eyesight, is indicated by the "ADD", which is always a positive value, representing the amount of additional correction needed to focus at close range.

Refractive Errors: Hyperopia , myopia and astigmatism are common refractive errors corrected with glasses and/or contact lenses.

  • Hyperopia: Indicated by positive values ​​(+).

  • Myopia: Indicated by negative values ​​(-).

  • Astigmatism: It can occur in combination with other refractive errors and is represented by values ​​in parentheses, followed by the astigmatism axis.

Presbyopia: Additional magnifying power is required to focus near vision. This value is always positive and is calculated by subtracting the sphere for distance vision from the sphere for near vision.

If you have questions about your prescription, contact us, we have a team of dedicated optometrists to assist our customers and answer all your questions regarding your prescription.

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