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Article: Don't have your notebook yet?

Don't have your notebook yet?

One of the best ways to practice self-knowledge and promote good mental health is to write down your emotions and thoughts.

We've put together 5 reasons to adopt this good practice in a simple object like a notepad:

  1. A notebook is like a blank canvas , available to receive all your ideas, thoughts and inspirations. When you put your ideas on paper, your mind is free to flow and create in a more genuine and spontaneous way.

  2. Never let a good idea slip away again!
    How many times have you had a brilliant idea but forgotten it in the blink of an eye? With a notepad always at hand, you will have a record of all your reflections and will be able to organize them better later.

  3. Efficient routine
    The notepad is the perfect partner for a more organized and productive day to day life. Create headings such as to-do lists, priorities and planning of more routine activities.

  4. Record objectives and goals
    By writing them down, you make them more tangible. Keep your notebook in an easy-to-access place and read your goals every day to stay focused on your ambitions!

  5. Decrease anxiety levels
    Free yourself from negative emotions by writing about what you feel in your notebook, you will see that it is like taking a weight off your shoulders. Furthermore, an organized mind is a calmer mind!

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