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60 years of Vision and Legacy

The Unforgettable Journey of Alberto Jorge Moreira da Fonseca

Alberto Jorge Fonseca, founder of Jorge Oculista, awakened his passion for the world of optics at the age of 15 at "Oculista Rocha", in Porto. From eye technician to exemplary entrepreneur, Jorge Fonseca shaped a legacy of dedication, innovation and strategic vision.

From workshop to Brand - The Success Story

Over the years, Alberto Jorge Fonseca has built a success story with the mission of taking eye health to another level. At the age of 25, he opened the first Jorge Oculista store in Santo Tirso, starting a journey that would expand to Vila Nova de Famalicão, Barcelos, Guimarães, Porto, Vila do Conde, Braga, Viana do Castelo, with two dozen stores a day of today.

Expand Horizons - National and International Expansion

In 1973, he founded "Unióptica", conquering not only the Portuguese market, but also French and Italian territories. He became the exclusive representative of Marcolin, becoming a reference in the sector. Its global vision allowed it to expand to other cities, creating a network of 20 commercial spaces in the north of the country, which remain open to this day. In the image, the most recent concept, the Jorge Oculista store in Braga.

Nato Pioneer - Manufacturing and Commercial Enterprises

Living up to his entrepreneurial spirit, he didn't stop at optics. In 1974, it developed its first ophthalmic lens cutting machine, an innovative project. In 1980, he built the "Metal Óptica" factory, employing 23 employees. In 1984, he created "Stock Óptica", focused on importing and marketing. The impact crossed borders, extending to Madrid.

Eternal Legacy - Continuity through Generations

Even after the inevitable changes over the years, Alberto Jorge Fonseca's entrepreneurial spirit remains alive in his daughters, Andreia and Daniela Fonseca, who took the helm at Jorge Oculista, keeping the legacy alive and well. The 60th anniversary celebration is a tribute to a journey that transcends the optical sector, marked by perseverance, innovation and a vision that is perpetuated through generations.

During the year 2024 we will have many surprises to celebrate this important milestone in the history of Jorge Oculista, sharing special moments and unique experiences with everyone who is part of this inspiring trajectory.

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