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Article: Brand new | François Pinton at Jorge Oculista


Brand new | François Pinton at Jorge Oculista

Discover the Elegance of François Pinton Glasses at Jorge Oculista - Buy Online with Convenience and Style

At Jorge Oculista, we are pleased to present the exclusive collection of François Pinton glasses, where French elegance meets artisanal quality. Founded in 1953, this brand is synonymous with sophistication and good taste.
Francois Pinton
Art and Tradition in Every Pair

More than 60 years ago, François Pinton styled stars and celebrities with iconic glasses. From Grace Kelly to Marlene Dietrich, along with the notable couple Jackie Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis, Pinton managed to tap into the predilection of the world's intellectuals thanks to his refined aesthetics and the Parisian "je-ne-sais-quoi".
Iconic Design of La Dolce Vita: Living the Sweet Life in Style - Love Happens Mag
Currently, the collection is designed by the 3rd generation of the Pinton family, incorporating new concepts such as the 'Arte' line to bring the classic style into the 21st century. A preserved tradition, with collections that reinterpret the lines that made the brand's history.

The Jorge Oculista Online Experience

Now, you can purchase exclusive François Pinton glasses directly from the comfort of your home. Browse our carefully curated selection, choose your favorite style and add a touch of class to your look.
Each pair is a fusion of exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design and supreme comfort.

Why Choose François Pinton Glasses from Jorge Oculista?

- Authenticity : We guarantee that every pair of François Pinton glasses we sell is genuine and of high quality.
- Variety of Styles: From classic styles to the latest trends, we offer a variety to suit all tastes.
- Ease of Online Purchase: Our secure and easy-to-use website makes the purchasing process simple and hassle-free.
- Reliable Delivery: We guarantee fast, safe and free delivery nationwide, so you can start using your new glasses as quickly as possible.

Add a Touch of French Glamor to Your Eyewear Collection

Explore the François Pinton eyewear collection at Jorge Oculista and discover the perfect combination of tradition, elegance and style.
A François Pinton frame is a solid investment. History, quality and savoir-faire par excellence.
Buy now and elevate your style with the essence of French elegance.

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