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Article: CliC Eyewear magnetic glasses - New in store!

CliC Eyewear magnetic glasses - New in store!

Clic Eyewear is a brand known for its magnetic glasses that feature a unique design.

6 advantages of CliC glasses

  1. Magnetic Mechanism:

    • The unique magnetic mechanism allows the glasses temples to connect at the front, forming a necklace around the neck when not in use. This offers a convenient way to keep glasses accessible and avoids the need for a case.
  2. Convenience:

    • The ability to "hang" glasses around the neck when not in use can be convenient in situations where users need to frequently switch between wearing and not wearing glasses, such as occasional reading.
  3. Variety of Styles:

    • CliC Eyewear offers a variety of styles, materials and lens options to meet users' preferences and needs. This allows consumers to choose glasses that align with their personal style.
  4. Durability:

    • CliC glasses are designed to be durable and resistant. This can be especially beneficial for those who lead an active lifestyle and need glasses that can withstand constant use.
  5. Custom Fit:

    • The magnetic design allows for a personalized fit, ensuring the glasses remain comfortable on the wearer's face.
  6. Wide Acceptance:

    • CliC Eyewear glasses have gained popularity in various market segments due to their unique approach and convenient functionality.

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